e-gads! began business in 1998 with twelve (12) employees in a twenty-thousand (20,000) square foot facility. Today e-gads! employs over one-hundred and fifty employees (150) and operates from a one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) square foot primary facility.

Special Qualifications
The e-gads! team, possesses several unique skill sets that sets us apart from our competitors. We have a diverse team of craftspeople who work with a variety of materials, bringing an innovative approach to elements, sculptures, and themed environments.

These skills sets include:
1) Owner and management have casino operations background as well as design and fabrication experiences. We provide customers casino gaming floor layouts and recommended merchandising plans to assist in optimizing player attraction, retention and gaming experience.

2)  A vertically integrated organization where all facets of the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service are provided in-house. This vertical integration allows e-gads! greater control of product quality, delivery and serviceability.

3) An environmental design and build firm specializing in casinos, hotels, nightclubs, retail and entertainment. We work with architects and interior designers to design and/or fabricate other’s designs for new and existing facilities.

4) Audio/Visual Department is trained on the latest LED’s, plasmas, LCDs, digital light and associated equipment, graphics and networking. We have extensive experience in integrating Audio/Visual equipment and graphics content not only on the gaming floor but throughout entire facilities.

5) Research and Development Department to develop and test new materials and improve methods of lighting and fabrication. We are currently concentrating on processes to preserve the environment.e-gads! has a large scale 3-D design, sculpting, mold making and casting department. This department works with several processes including GFRG, resins, fiberglass, foam, hard coat materials and metal coating.

6) Provides installation and service to large gaming equipment manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. The manufacturers include IGT, Aristocrat, Bally Gaming, Konami and Ainsworth.

7)  Established exterior display & monument department. Within this department specialty exterior grade finished & extensive planning details are developed. Displays designed and fabricated within this department ensure properties are easily identifiable and enhance the exterior of any property.

8) Specialty light engineering division. Through this department environments are created and come to life through light. Light systems are capable of providing you the ability to change the general mood throughout the day. Lights can go from soft & smooth to having rock star appeal through user friendly computer controlled systems.